Effective date valuation of stock according to defined rules made easy and quick!

With CKL’s Valuation module for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can easily and clearly determine your current assets during annual inventory.

CKL Valuation supports you in the correct and reliable preparation and valuation of current assets according to the statutory valuation regulations. This special solution determines important values relevant to the balance sheet as part of the annual inventory in an easy and convenient manner. The transition required, detailed proof of the valuation criteria and the resulting values are guaranteed vis-à-vis the auditors. Valuation is the ideal solution when:

  • Assets have to be correctly valued on the balance sheet date
  • Determining this with Excel is too time-consuming
  • Your auditor does not accept the calculations or transparency.
  • You cannot depict the dependencies of the “strict lowest value principle” and associated rules
  • The standard support offered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is not enough for you
  • You already have to develop workarounds

CKL Valuation can be seamlessly integrated into the financial management application area of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central system.

Valuation in detail

Stock valuation with the Valuation module

Stock valuation using CKL Valuation is carried out under strict compliance with the lowest value principle. The depreciation rules are defined according to the following criteria:

  • Valuation by age structure
  • Valuation by item range
  • Valuation by costing procedure
  • Valuation by batch expiry date
  • Valuation by storage locations
  • Valuation by lowest value
  • Valuation by lowest value of foreign currencies
  • Manual specific valuation allowances


The Valuation module makes full use of item movements in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central . All stock is interpreted according to the assigned valuation rule and proposed for stock valuation (depreciation amounts). The lowest value from all valid valuation rules is always marked as valid. The user can change or adjust the value manually using specific valuation allowances.

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Solution scenarios

Inventory valuation made easy

To present the stock value on the balance sheet date, you need informative documentation for the auditor. Quickly and easily determine stock value according to certain criteria and keep precise evidence.

Valuation of stock value without Excel

Do you still calculate your stock value at the balance sheet date using complicated formulas in Microsoft Excel? Avoid thousands of Excel operations and formula errors! Let your system independently calculate all valuation rules, saving time and money.

Optimisation of stock through the best possible depreciation of items

Evaluate your stock in the best way possible, whether it’s monthly, quarterly or once a year for annual inventory! Use the best possible depreciation scenarios according to your own rules to save taxes

Valuation according to the strict lowest value principle

Evaluate your products according to the strict lowest value principle. Criteria such as mobility, age structure, expiration date or range are taken into account. Or carry out specific valuation allowances.

Product availability

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