Valuation PLUS in detail

Downward-/upward valuations with the “Valuation PLUS” module

Valuations performed with Valuation PLUS are done by strictly adhering to the lowest value adjustment principle. The devaluation principles are defined according to the following criteria:

  • valuation by age structure
  • valuation by item range
  • valuation by disposal method
  • valuation by lot expiration date
  • valuation by locations
  • valuation by lowest value
  • valuation by lowest value foreign currencies
  • manual individual value correction


The “CKL Valuation PLUS” module is fully based on the item movements in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Each movement is interpreted according to the assigned valuation rule and proposed for posting, where the lowest value of all valid valuation rules is marked as valid. The user can change or adjust the value manually by performing individual value correction.

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