Sure Step

The introduction methodology of our partners

Sure Step process steps

CKL software and its partners have been working for more than 20 years with a PMI standard oriented implementation methodology for IT projects. All projects are introduced consistently on the basis of the sure step methodology or something comparable. For our customers, this means maximum security and transparency.

Sure Step is an implementation methodology including tools developed by Microsoft, which supports partners in introducing, optimising and upgrading Microsoft Dynamics solutions. It is used to structure software projects as shown below into the single project steps Diagnosis, Analysis, Design, Development & Test, Implementation and Startup.

The Sure Step methodology was developed to enable the implementation of projects within the specified time and calculated budget, to minimise the project risks for partners and customers and to fully meet the expectations of customers.

Sure Step process steps

Sure Step process steps

Advantages of the Sure Step methodology

  • Control of efficiency and success of a project
  • Close cooperation, communication and coordination in ongoing projects
  • Complete, interconnected and consistent documentation of the process
  • Scalable to any company size
  • Adjustable to any project type (whether local or global, central or decentralised)

The CKL partners particularly differ from each other by their combination of product knowledge, industry know-how and proximity to customers and the project.

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