Inventory optimisation and costing

CKL solutions for your stock

Stock, with its value flows, has a significant effect on the company’s results. Optimised inventory and correct production costs are the foundation. We will show you how to increase data quality and obtain plausible values in scenarios for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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Solution scenarios

Subsequent conversion of the costing method

Was the wrong costing method chosen when the item was created? Do you want to convert your products to third-party production and need to change the costing method flexibly? With Costing Method, you can subsequently change the costing method upon which valuation is based.

Changing the ‘fixed’ unit cost and changing the ‘serial number range’

Do you want to set a new ‘fixed’ unit cost due to organisational requirements and change the batches or lot number groups even though they still have stocks with the old information? Adjust your inventory – quick and easy.

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