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Here at CKL, the majority of us are controllers and IT professionals. Since 1997, we have been providing the market with software solutions for internal accounting. We deal mainly with cost and performance accounting, the valuation of inventory and current assets and document management.

Our solutions pursue very specific qualitative goals: our products are simple, user-friendly and fully integrated into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Accuracy is a must. We strive for maximum transparency at all times. That’s why we ask questions like: what is the value of a specific item in current assets at this time? Are current assets valued correctly across all ledgers? How can gaps be quickly detected and resolved? What should be done in the case of incorrect valuations? Which processes can we simplify and automate, such as document recognition? And much more.

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CKL solutions for

Financial Accounting

Financial accounting is a complex area of company accounting and captures the overall results of a company.

More about financial accounting


How do you control your company? We have solutions for company planning, controlling and monitoring. Company accounting, controlling and more ...

More about controlling


Employees in purchasing can use the right know-how and tools to achieve high potential savings for the company. Streamline processes and increase speed.

Mor about purchasing


Stock contains valuable assets that need to be managed. Optimising stock, valuation and more will save you money!

More about stock

Documents and reports

Meaningful commercial reporting is essential for companies. Reports and evaluations based on Excel, Power Pivot and Power BI are now state of the art!

More about documents and reports


Producers need to value their own added value and keep production costs under control. Is third-party production worthwhile? With the help of a multi-level contribution margin accounting and/or a classic nature-of-expense method, answers can be found.

More about production


Service organisations need to assess resource utilisation, identify profitable project orders, control their employees’ costs and revenues and, if necessary, consider processes holistically. Process cost accounting could be the answer.

More about service

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04.08.2021 - Do you already know our CKL 365 website?

Our website ckl365.com is available for all questions about our apps and from now on also in English ...

04.05.2021 - Important notes about the Microsoft Dynamics Business Central BC18 update

After you have used the standard dimension change functionality, your data for cost accounting is no longer synchronized if it has already been transferred to cost accounting at the time of the change...

26.03.2021 - New functionalities of the CKL cost and performance accounting

Accounting periods cost and performance accounting

The periodic activities in cost and performance accounting, such as the creation of assessments, are carried out by default according to the accounting periods defined in the financial accounting of the standard accounting periods in Microsoft Dynamics 365...

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