Document Capture for NAV - the name says it all.
CKL-Talk with Sebastian Radloff

Sebastian, you are the Partner Manager at CKL and the main contact for the Continia products. One of them is Document Capture. Let´s talk about it. What is Document Capture?

Document Capture is an add-on that automatically captures data from incoming documents such as letters or PDFs (from e-mails) in Dynamics NAV. For the user, this means that the time required for the manual entry of, for example, incoming invoices or credit memos is considerably reduced. The add-on also helps companies identify errors in the documents before they are posted. Combined with the integrated digital approval process, this enables companies to streamline and speed up their document processing and approval processes.

There are many tools for capturing and processing documents. What makes Document Capture so special?

Document Capture is 100% integrated into Dynamics NAV and does not require any interfaces or other tools for the implementation. The user always works in his usual environment (Dynamics NAV) when using our add-on. This keeps the effort for initial training low. Last but not least, when purchasing Document Capture, the customer also has only one point of contact - his NAV partner. This greatly simplifies coordination and keeps project costs low.

That sounds great. If a customer or partner wants to order Document Capture, how does it work?

If a customer wants to order the solution, he should contact his NAV partner and ask for a quote.
The partner can simply send us a written order. It should be noted, however, that we need further information, so that the order can be processed correctly. Which kind of information is required, the partner can find in our FAQ for Document Capture.

Many thanks to Sebastian for this interview. For more information, you can also experience the add-on live in one of the regular webcasts. An overview of all CKL webcasts is listed here.

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