Our philosophy

Consulting philosophy

CKL Software GmbH consultation philosophy

CKL puts people at the centre. It is always the people we work with who decide on efficiency or inefficiency, strength or weakness, fun or frustration and ultimately on success. Of course, the different roles in the company have different expectations or demands regarding the tool they work every day. CKL and its partners provide tools with their products which enable you to best meet the requirements of the various roles in your company.

Special know-how

CKL Software GmbH special know-how

CKL Software has specialised in finance-oriented applications for Trading, Manufacturing and Service companies in the mid-market. Our specialist know-how of more than 15 years is closely connected with expertise in business processes and the constantly changing processes and technologies in the industries and markets we are specialised in.

Professional implementation methodology

CKL Software GmbH professional implementation methodology

Successful software implementation depends on an >> introduction method which is appropriate to the project. For many years now, our partners have been relying on the proven implementation methodologies of Microsoft e. g. >> Sure Step, for introducing our software projects.


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