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Rudolph Controlling

We develop customized controlling solutions for medium sized enterprises in the national and international environment. In the implementation, we are specialized in the ERP software MS Dynamics® NAV with the CKL cost accounting in conjunction with a professional controlling software.

Controlling Solutions for SMEs -
Our company's philosophy requires the high expectations of ourselves: Dynamic SMEs require controlling solutions that are flexible to each enterprise’s unique needs. In this sensitive area a trustful cooperation is a major concern.

Our international expertise is based on the development of controlling solutions in many countries worldwide. Crucial in the development of international controlling systems is the combination from very different areas:

  • International commercial expertise
  • Strategic vision coupled with the ability of implementation in detail
  • International IT expertise in terms of ERP-, Controlling- and MIS-Software.

Reference projects
We have extensive experience in implementing business management projects for SMEs:

  • Germany (Industries: Plastic industry, Metal industry, Food industry, Hydro technology, Textile industry, Mechatronic industry, Professional horticulture, Building industry, Holding companies)
  • Europe (France, United Kingdom, Portugal, Spain, Netherlands, Romania, Italia, Switzerland)
  • Asia (China, Sri Lanka, Korea)
  • Africa (Kenya)
  • America (USA, Brasil)

Project process CKL cost accounting
The introduction of the CKL cost accounting is done in a team with typically focus on:

  • Business analysis and development of the solution (customer together with Rudolph Controlling)
  • Licensing, installation and if necessary adaption programming (NSC)
  • Set up of the developed solution in CKL module (Rudolph Controlling)
  • Training and perhaps further support (Rudolph Controlling)

Contact person: Bernward Rudolph
Phone: +49 7528 6350
E-Mail: info@rudolph-controlling.de
Web: www.rudolph-controlling.de

Rudolph Controlling

Rudolph Controlling
47.656952, 9.707430
Hackenbergstrasse 32/1

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