Our new apps are available now!

We have adapted our CKL apps for you and added new functions. The current versions are now available for you in Microsoft AppSource and our CKL partner portal. Our apps are therefore also available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Version (BC20).

Inventory 365:

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 20 Compatibility
    Change of a few functionalities to create BC20 compatibility.

Costing Method 365:

  • Enhancement Costing Policy Worksheet
  • The Costing Policy Worksheet has been expanded to include the “Earliest change date” field and the “Preview Check Costing Policy” report.
    The Earliest Change Date field shows the earliest possible date that the costing method, item tracking code or base unit of measure can be changed. With the report "Preview Check Costing Policy”, it is possible to check in advance whether problems occur during the implement of the costing policy and what they look like in detail.

Valuation 365:

  • Integration of CKL online help in valuation 365 app. Links to the CKL online help were added within the valuation 365 app review.
  • Set line as a valid single value via Item Valuation - Analysis Reports. An item valuation plan entry can now also be set directly as valid value via the item valuation - analysis reports. For this purpose, the editing of item valuation plan entries from the analysis view has been made possible.
  • Posting (with impact to unit cost) of items with the average costing method.
    Previously, items with the average costing method could be posted as revaluation (with impact to unit cost) via the item valuation journal. This is now blocked. Items with an average costing method should always be valued collectively at the item level and not individually at the item ledger entry level. In Valuation 365, each individual item ledger entry is evaluated with a positive remaining quantity. Therefore, for items with an average costing method, the standard revaluation journal must be used.

Cost Accounting 365:

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 20 Compatibility.
    Change of a few functionalities to create BC20 compatibility.

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