News in version Document Capture 5.00 and Expense Management 3.00 - watch them here

Document Capture, version 5.00, contained a long list of optimizations and enhancements for the benefit of both end users and partners. Besides this, we introduced a couple of new and highly requested functionalities in Expense Management.

If you missed the release webinar, in which we went through the highlights of these versions, you can watch them here in this newsletter.

Simplified setup and improved user interface

In version 5.00, we put great emphasis on optimizing a long list of functionalities to improve the daily usage of Document Capture. With the release of this version, we made the daily use of Document Capture even easier for our users, including a much simpler and more accessible interface. In addition to adding a lot of optimizations for the benefit of our users, we also improved a number of features that simplify the setup of Document Capture. You can review some of the many optimizations in our webinar video.
Find the video here.

Allocate expenses

With version 3.00, allocation of expenses is now also possible for Expense Users and Approvers.
One of the biggest news in version 3.00 has been the possibility to allocate expenses, for Expense Users and Approvers, a feature that has been highly requested by our users. On top of this requested functionality, version 3.00 contained a lot of optimization in the Expense app, the web portal and in NAV.
In the webinar recording, you can watch a thorough walkthrough of this new feature. Watch the video here!

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