New release bill-to now in the AppSource

The highlight of this version are the new "custom texts". This means that the information lines that are generated for the subscription lines can be completely controlled by the user.

He can override all automatic presettings himself with parameters that can be freely set.

An example:

The default detail text of a line looks like this:

03/01/2023: 10 licenses added at €59.00 equals €590.00

Due to the parameterization in the user-defined texts, this line could instead look like this:

Date: 03/01/2023 | Quantity: +10 licenses | Price: €59.00 | Amount: €590.00

This is just an arbitrarily made up example. There are hardly any limits to the imagination here. All fact details are available as variables that the user can easily insert into self-generated text. Incidentally, with this release, bill-to is also BC22-compatible and will therefore also be able to run under the new BC Release 2023 Wave 1.

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