CKL cost accounting NAV 2013 Service Pack 1

Software release

Flexible service types – cost unit allocations: Everything's new with CKL cost accounting NAV 2013 service pack 1. Service pack 1 for our CKL cost accounting system based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 (DE/W1) will be released on 5 August 2013. You will then find the items and the update documentation in our Partner portal. The following areas have been improved and updated:

Deleting cost accounting journals, including posted items

Especially when allocating costs, erroneous allocation entries can be easily deleted and re-entered.

Copying budgets

Now, financial budgets can not only be filled in from cost accounting. They can also be applied to cost accounting or cost unit accounting. 
In addition, the item budgets can be applied to the cost unit budgets.


The time period for the allocation key can be selected in a flexible manner. Allocation distribution templates for faster maintenance of allocation distributions. 
In addition to resource and capacity services, flexible service types can also be defined now (e.g., the number of employees or the items (amounts) purchased). 
Allocating from cost unit to cost unit.

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