Use the nature-of-expense method
in Financial Accounting

CKL’s Inventory module for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central simplifies the analysis of stock values and complex postings in current assets.

The article movements in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central provide the foundation of the wealth of information you get using the Inventory add-on. Issues that are normally displayed in one account can be separated by a single click to create greater transparency. You can apply nine different filters to get the appropriate base for your analysis. And in stock entry reconciliation, numerous details are automatically included. In this way, you can see at a glance whether the stock values ​​have been posted to the correct accounts by the system. You can find differences between the entry in the general ledger and the actual current stock value quickly and easily.

The Inventory add-on not only saves you time and money; it can also save you stress: It displays errors and differences that you would otherwise have to put a great deal of effort into looking for, or that you might even notice so late that the consequences are already piling up in the form of a series of new problems.


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The Inventory module offers these benefits:

  • Values delivered on the effective date but not yet invoiced (= floating values) are displayed with accounts receivable or accounts payable
  • Nine selectable filters greatly simplify analysis
  • With a single click, you can display the connection between the value entries and the general ledger entries
  • In the case of production for the ‘real NEM’, P& L postings are automatically made
  • Based on the origin code and the reason code, you will receive differentiated inventory costings postings by setting up an extended posting matrix and inventory posting.
  • If there are differences between the posted items and the posting groups in the item master, they will be displayed
  • The module indicates incorrect postings from item movements
  • Thanks to the export function, further analysis is possible in Excel

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Solution scenarios

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Inventory assists you with the efficient and quick analysis of stock values and their connection to the general ledger in financial accounting. In doing so, Inventory solves the problem of lengthy, usually difficult analyses and reconciliations between the general ledger and the subledger of current assets.

One further highlight is that the Inventory module offers a ‘real NEM’ (nature-of-expense method), which can be set up and applied when deploying the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Production module. In practical application, nature of expense (NEM) is a proven method for quickly determining the operating result within the scope of a short-term income statement.

In Germany, too, the nature-of-expense method has found a significantly higher acceptance when it comes to presenting a company’s income statement than the often used cost-of-sales method. This module adds the inventory change postings missing in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central standard features and makes them transparent with P&L integration.

Inventory offers the following functions and answers to your questions:

  • Matching between general and subsidiary ledgers with a single click
  • Complete transparency and analysis/demonstration of errors, e.g. an account not matching the posting group
  • Multiple filter and analysis options thanks to filter definitions
  • Comparison of the WIP account (work-in-progress)
  • PO analysis (production order) with G/L account reconciliation
  • Proof of interim accounts
  • Mapping of the total nature-of-expense method for production processes including inventory change of the WIP account
  • Separation of inventories and inventory changes on the basis of origin code and cause code
  • Analysis performed entirely in Excel
  • Inventory can be seamlessly integrated into the financial management application area of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central system.

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