Inventory PLUS

Inventory PLUS

Inventory PLUS is a certified special solution based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV which enables the efficient and quick analysis of inventory values and the direct link to the general ledger of your financial accounting. This way, Inventory PLUS solves the problem of time-consuming, often difficult analyses and reconciliations between the general ledger and the sub-ledger of your current assets.

One of the highlights of the Inventory PLUS module is the “real TCM” (total cost method) which can be used in connection with the Dynamics NAV Manufacturing module. In practice, the total cost method (TCM) is a proven procedure which allows to quickly determine the operating result as part of the short-term income statement. Also in Germany, the total cost method has a significantly higher acceptance to present a company’s income statement than the often used cost-of-sales method.

With Inventory PLUS, you can perform inventory change transactions which are missing in Dynamics NAV standard functionality and show them transparently via profit and loss integration.

Inventory PLUS provides the following features and answers to your questions:

  • Reconciliation of general ledger and subsidiary ledger with one click
  • Full transparency and analysis/reporting of errors, e. g. account does not correspond to posting Group
  • Extensive filtering and analysis options through filter definitions
  • Reconciliation of WIP account (work in progress)
  • Production order analysis (production order) with G/L account reconciliation
  • Proof of interim accounts
  • Use of total cost method in production processes incl. inventory changes of WIP account
  • Separation of stock and inventory changes by source code and reason Code
  • Analysis completely in Excel

Inventory PLUS can be seamlessly integrated into the Finance Management application area of your Microsoft Dynamics NAV system.

Inventory PLUS is available for the following Dynamics NAV versions:

NAV 2013
NAV 2013 R2
NAV 2015
NAV 2016

Inventory PLUS

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