Inventory PLUS in detail

The Inventory PLUS module delivers the highest level of transparency into the postings of your current assets which are often quite complex. With Inventory PLUS, you can easily address the following requirements:

  • Display of “floating goods”, which means items which are delivered, but not invoiced, which entries have not yet been invoiced, incl. customers and/or vendors
  • Definition of an unlimited number of filter types for simplified analyses
  • Drill-down from value entries to G/L entries with a single click
  • Profit and loss postings in production for “real TCM” (total cost method)
  • Differentiated inventory adjustment posting based on origin code and reason code via extended posting setup and inventory Setup
  • Variances between posting groups in the item master and posted entries
  • Accounting errors in item movements, e. g. finished goods to raw material, consumables and supplies
  • Analysis in Excel via export function
Inventory PLUS

 Graphic title: G/L Entry Reconciliation PLUS

The Inventory PLUS module is entirely based on the item movements in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Each movement is supplemented with various data, e. g. inventory posting group of item and posted entry. In addition, you can show all G/L account transactions per value entry – everything just with one click.

 Graphic title: Inventory Adjustment with Changed Inventory Posting Group

The extended posting setup allows the separation of data which was previously held within one account. This way, you can separate, for example, the inventory changes of revaluations and physical inventories from normal inventory increases and decreases.
In the Manufacturing area, the required inventory changes are shown for the total cost method by periods.

Inventory PLUS

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