Inventory Adjustment PLUS

Inventory Adjustment PLUS

Any incorrect entries or errors are known to your Dynamics NAV system. Your inventory values may be inconsistent, possibly due to errors or incorrect postings performed by the users.

Inventory Adjustment PLUS helps you in solving any inconsistent historical data of the inventory value in your Dynamics NAV application.

Here, the historical movements are all remain after the correction in order to enable the user to track any movements or postings. You can perform evaluations for any quantity field. The posted inventory values are saved in archive fields and can also be evaluated, if required.

Inventory Adjustment PLUS offers the following features:

  • Complete resetting of inventory values for an unlimited number of items
  • Re-initialization of the unit cost and valuation Basis
  • Complete preservation of movements with all quantity data
  • Defined starting point with a defined initial value
  • Fully integrated cancellation of current assets in the General Ledger

Inventory Adjustment PLUS offers seamless integration into the Finance Management application area of your Microsoft Dynamics NAV system.

Inventory Adjustment PLUS is available for the following Dynamics NAV versions:

NAV 2009 R2 (RTC, Classic)
NAV 2013
NAV 2013 R2
NAV 2015
NAV 2016
NAV 2017

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