Inventory Adjustment PLUS in detail

The following key areas are addressed with Inventory Adjustment PLUS:

  • Re-initialization via special opening valuation journal
  • Filling and selecting items to be corrected by using built-in functions
  • Definition of the initial value as the basis for reinitializing current assets
  • Subsequent use of the feature on reporting date supported
  • Resetting of individual items
  • Historical data remain in the system incl. all information, only historical unit cost amounts used in archived fields
  • Complete integration with reversal in your General Ledger on reporting date

Opening Valuation Journal with Opening Balance Values per Item and per Item Entry

The Inventory Adjustment PLUS module is entirely based on the detailed item movements in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. You can consider items on reporting date by using predefined filters in order to clean historical data.

A new unit cost (re-valuated) is used by the system to determine the value used to define the new opening balance values to be valid in the future.


Value Entries with Current Assets and Archived Assets

When posting the opening entry by using the valuation journal, the“Actual Unit Cost Amount (Expected)“ and “Unit Cost Amount (Actual)“ fields of all entries of the affected item will be set to zero. As a result, a new value entry with the newly defined opening balance value will be created on reporting date. The unit cost amounts of all affected entries will be saved in the corresponding archived fields which can be used for evaluations later on.
If you perform the “Post Inventory Adjustment (Archived Assets)“ feature, the system will create the reversal entry for the entries which are set to zero by using the adjustment accounts. A new entry will be created for the new value item, which represents the new opening balance value of the current assets.
In parallel, all archived entries will be set to “Archived Assets“ in the “Assets Type“ field.
After having installed the Inventory Adjustment PLUS module, all value entries which are already posted will be automatically set to “Current Assets“. This is the default value for each posting which is set to “Archived Assets“ when using the opening valuation journal.
Subsequently, the system will create the standard reports in Dynamics NAV for the relevant period by using the opening balance value and thus correct the entire history.

Value Entries of Archived Assets for offsetting in Financial Accounting

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