More transparency and
control in finance

CKL solutions for your financial accounting

Sound additions in the field of financial accounting make life easier. We describe solution scenarios that introduce you to additional features within financial accounting for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Benefit from these practical scenarios and work more effectively and transparently than ever before. Complete your solution with the associated additional products.

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Solution scenarios

Valuation according to the strict lowest value principle

Evaluate your products according to the strict lowest value principle. Criteria such as mobility, age structure, expiration date or range are taken into account. Or carry out specific valuation allowances.

Evaluate up to 8 dimensions within cost accounting

Are the cost centre and cost unit within operating accounting not enough for you? Then create a contribution margin calculation per product, project, order or customer! Define additional dimensions flexibly and evaluate them separately.

Automated recording of purchase invoices

The Document Capture solution can be used to automatically capture and process invoices from your vendors.
The add-on automatically checks the entered data when it is captured and alerts the accountant to errors.

For each vendor, it can be configured individually whether the created purchase invoice is to be automatically entered into the integrated approval workflow, released or even posted.

Send reminders including all open invoices to customers

You can use the ready preconfigured templates of Document Output to send reminders to your customers with one click.

The benefit of these e-mail reminders is, that the system is able automatically attach the open invoices to the reminder.

This reduces the amount of inbound call in you finance department after the regular dispatch of reminders.

Have a detailed overview of the current costs of your travelers

In many companies, accountants receive receipts from frequently traveling colleagues after a certain period of time and often have to remind them to hand them in.

With Continia Expense Management, colleagues can download an app to their mobile phones and capture all receipts, costs, miles and lump sums for the current month.

They can also add dimensions or project numbers to the receipts, making it easy to charge for costs when needed.

The accountant gets an immediate and detailed overview of the current amount of outstanding costs.

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