Expense Management in detail


Physical receipts:

Through our unique Expense app for iPhone, Android and Windows, you can take a picture of a receipt, fill out a quick form and send it directly to Microsoft Dynamics NAV. You can even configure which fields to fill directly from NAV. For example: account numbers, area codes, project codes and much more.

Travelers can use this app offline (and thus avoid roaming charges).

Electronic receipts:

Through our unique Expense Web Portal you can register receipts you receive in your e-mail, with the same fill-in form as our Expense app.

Mileage calculation:

Through both our Expense app and Expense Web Portal it is also possible to register the business use of a private vehicle.

The registration is sent directly into Microsoft Dynamics NAV, where accounting can take over. Therefore, travelers must no longer return to the office with their receipts and make a comprehensive travel report. This saves the traveler a lot of time and means that the accounting department can now ensure quick and efficient processing of all business travel activities.

Credit card matching!

Continia Expense Management makes it possible to import employees' credit card spending directly into Microsoft Dynamics NAV and automatically link the individual spending line with a registered receipt.

We can collect data from all banks

We can handle data from all banks – with whichever access method your bank makes available. We can handle the following scenarios:

Manual import:

Via online banking, you can export an account file that can be imported in NAV via the import function in Continia Expense Management.

Automatic import:

It is possible to add credit card transactions automatically via direct communication with your bank. We already support a wide range of banks, so it is quick to get started. We continually add more banks to this list.

Missing documentation? Not a problem anymore!

Via intelligent matching procedures, Continia Expense Management searches to assign a receipt to the right credit card transaction without requiring any action from the bookkeeper. Many companies have a lot of work getting travelers to submit receipts for all their credit card transactions. This challenge is eliminated in Continia Expense Management. You will automatically receive a residual list of transactions for which documents have not been received

Continia Expense Management will then push messages out to travelers who need to submit a receipt for a credit card transaction. Both as a notification to the traveler's app and an e-mail with a summary of which documents are missing. In this way, accounting has a tool to keep track of travelers' consumption so documenting everything is easy and simple.

Accounting is back in total control!

Continia Expense Management is the only solution on the market in which accounting is in control right from when a receipt is recorded or a payment made by credit card.


Continia Expense Management ensures that everyone has the opportunity to approve expenditures. This can be done via either a NAV client or Continia Approval Web Portal which allows you to see the documentation as well as carry out further accounting. Note that Continia Approval Web Portal requires only one license, but can process documents from both Continia Document Capture and Continia Expense Management.

Direct access anywhere in NAV for all documentation

Continia Expense Management gives you access to see documentation anywhere in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. You just access the documentation related to a specific account record or view documentation from a particular project or department – and you can open them directly from the layout in Microsoft Dynamics NAV!

This offers great benefits not only for approval but also your own internal controls and documentation in relation to auditing and accounting.

That is why this is the solution for your business

  1. Continia Expense Management is the only solution on the market that offers the following:
  2. Once you have registered documentation, you are done – accounting takes over from there! You need not go home and make a subsequent travel report.
  3. Accounting only uses Microsoft Dynamics NAV for collection of documentation and runs. These activities are recorded in the principle as an entry. Travel expenses are handled in the principle like everything else in NAV – hence this solution is much more flexible, so new employees can quickly familiarize themselves with tasks compared to the use of foreign technologies from separate systems.
  4. You must only purchase Continia Approval Web Portal once. This means that for one price, employees without access to Microsoft Dynamics NAV can approve invoices and other documents from Continia Document Capture as well as travel expenses in Continia Expense Management.
  5. Traveler's activities are collected daily in Microsoft Dynamics NAV – so you get a complete overview of the company's expenses in real time, directly in your accounting system.
  6. Microsoft Dynamics NAV makes it fast and simple to ensure that everything is posted correctly. A clear picture of the receipt is found on the right of the screen, along with entries on the left side. This quickly gives a bookkeeper advantages, for example a hotel bill with different account numbers, depending on whether the expense is for accommodation or meals.
  7. Automatically tracks VAT – even for the smallest receipt amount. For each applicable account, tax and VAT rules are applied, so that management of this does not require manual processing.
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