Document Output product profile

Ready for optimised working

Document Output includes a variety of predefined e-mail templates with links to your Dynamics NAV reports as well as to the required recipient data. All you need to do is to adjust the e-mail template in line with your own profile and you can then get started immediately. The following e-mail templates are already included out of the box:

  • bank statement (incl. attachments of each period)
  • delivery slip
  • credit memo
  • reminder
  • finance charge memo
  • sales invoice
  • quote
  • order confirmation
  • purchase order
  • delivery status tracking (e-mail service without report with a link to the website of the shipping agent to view the current status of a delivery)


Benefits along the line

Document Output is a comprehensive solution without the need of further adjustments to your reports in order to send them properly to your business partners. This is the reason why Document Output is much simpler and cheaper than many other solutions in terms of implementation, development and maintenance.

Central control of your documents

Document Output enables you to centrally control and manage which external recipients and business partners you want to send which type of documents.

Save time and money

Send your reports fast and easily by e-mail and save the costs for delivery and packaging by using Document Output. You can continue printing out your reports with Document Output. Processing of e-mails and printout of reports is done automatically at the same time.

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