Document Capture functions

Scan and record documents

Scanning documents with Document Capture is easy. You can either use a local desktop scanner or an existing network scanner (MFP). If you have several physical locations, you can simply scan the document at any place to send the document to an e-mail address. Document Capture receives and recognises them via this e-mail address and transfers them directly to Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Processing of PDF documents

Receiving purchase invoices and other types of documents in PDF format is becoming increasingly common. With Document Capture, you can automatically upload and store PDF files from a predefined e-mail address or folder on a file server. Document Capture can also extract and recognise data from blocked PDF files and process it in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which saves time and effort to print and to re-scan them.

Prize-winning OCR technology

Document Capture uses the prize-winning OCR technology from ABBYY. This way, you benefit from extremely high recognition precision compared to other solutions. We recognise barcodes on documents and you can use them as field values or automatically link documents with data records in NAV. In addition, we support 180 languages and dialects, all included in the Document Capture basic price. This OCR technology allows automated recognition of document data of any kind as well as automated processing in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Document analysis

The analysis unit of Document Capture enables you to register fields and values of documents based on predefined templates. This way, you can optimise templates to consider valuation rules and formatting requirements in order to comply with the rules and standards in your Microsoft Dynamics NAV system. You can specify the system to recognise the invoice header data or to consider all lines of an invoice. All types of document data are processed.

10,000 pages monthly

When you purchase Document Capture, you automatically receive the option to process up to 10,000 OCR pages a month, which is 120,000 pages a year and is completely adequate for most companies. However, you can buy additional pages in case of higher document volumes. This is an important factor compared to solutions of competitors.

Approval scenarios

In Document Capture, you have several methods to determine the person to release and to approve a particular purchase invoice. The system either uses the purchaser specified on the vendor card or the person is specified on the purchase invoice. You can also enter the approver manually on the invoice upon its receipt. Once the first responsible employee has been specified, the invoice is automatically sent to this person. If the invoice amount is higher than the specified maximum approval limit, the invoice is automatically sent to the manger after approval. This way, it is ensured that the invoices have been properly approved before payment release. Alternatively, you can specify the approvers of a specific invoice. You can also use our Approval module which enables you to determine based on dimensions the approver for individual lines. This way, employees can be authorised for approval depending on their responsible cost centre or cost unit.

Purchase price allocation

As part of the approval process, the responsible employee can decide whether to assign an invoice to a particular cost unit or to distribute the costs to two different general ledger accounts. Consequently, approval occurs for documents that have not yet been posted. However, you have the option to post a preliminary purchase price allocation so that the total amount of the pending invoices that have not yet been approved and posted are presented in a clear and transparent manner.

Digital storage of documents

All documents are stored electronically in PDF/A format, so that you can easily access them in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, either by using a file or a database. You can display documents directly from the navigation window (original invoice as digital document) with just a single click. This way, you have direct access to the original document, regardless of the way an invoice has been entered. Close integration to interaction logs in the Sales & Marketing module enables access to all documents of a particular company or contact person. As a matter of course, the popular and proven Navigate feature of Microsoft Dynamics NAV is completely integrated.

Based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV to 100 percent

We focus 100 percent on Microsoft Dynamics NAV as well as on the requirements of our Dynamics NAV customers on an automated document processing and approval solution. Thanks to the tight integration of Document Capture in the Dynamics NAV system, you have access to the well-known user interface and technology. You can continue working in the familiar environment and custom user interface.

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