Document Capture

Continia Document Capture

Continia Document Capture automatically scans and processes your invoices and other documents.
The document recording and capturing system optimises and accelerates the process sequences and at the same minimises manual data entry in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

The add-on from Continia is the only integrated solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV with the following functions:

  • automatic registration and recording of documents
  • optimised electronic document flow
  • ability to provide information: where is the document? Status of the document?
  • Automatic assignment to a purchase order
  • add documents by drag&drop to any data set
  • data extraction
  • recognition and processing via optical character recognition (OCR)
  • full text search
  • convenient approval and release process support


Consequently, Document Capture is the ideal preliminary step to a document management system, which can be connected or integrated. Document Capture is not a classical archiving or DMS solution.
The solution certified by Microsoft is already used by over 1,000 customers worldwide. You can set up and run Document Capture within a few days.

System requirements

Document Capture supports Microsoft Dynamics NAV 3.70 or higher. However, the system requires a runtime 5 SP1 or higher *. We ensure that we can also offer you the Dynamics NAV approval process for version 3.70.

Document Capture is available for the following Dynamics NAV versions: 3. 70, 4. 00, 4. 01 (same objects as 4. 00), 4. 02 (same objects 4. 00), 4. 03, 5. 01, 6. 01, 6. 10, 2013, 2013 R2, 2015 and 2016.

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