Costing Method Change PLUS in detail

Ledger Entries costing method

One of the main concerns when changing an item costing method is: How can we clearly record that the costing method for an item has been changed at a particular time?

To understand the use and change of costing methods, the Ledger Entries costing method was introduced to the Costing Method Change module. The system creates a ledger entry each time the costing method is changed, starting with the initial setup of the item. You can view the Ledger Entry method of an item from the item card or from the item list.

The Starting Date and First Item Ledger Entry No. fields represent the core information enabling the user to see the time and at which position the new costing method was used.

Costing method worksheet

You can change the costing method by using the costing method worksheet. The worksheet offers two advantages: Users are already familiar with Dynamics NAV worksheets and they have a high degree of flexibility by changing several items simultaneously by using different parameters for different item groups.

You can enter the data manually or automatically in the costing method worksheet by setting a number of filter criteria.

You can use the Costing Method Worksheet to specify the new costing method. If you use the Standard costing method, you can also determine a new fixed unit cost. In addition, the system allows to set up new fixed unit prices for stock-keeping units associated with an item.


Once the data have been completed in the worksheet, you can start a batch job to change the costing method. The system will clear the existing item entries and create new ones based on the new costing method. This way, you get a consistent item history in the item ledger entries and a clear data record for the change performed in the ledger entry costing method.


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