Cost and Performance Accounting

Cost and Performance Accounting

Cost and Performance Accounting for Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers a controlling tool which allows to perform cost analyses and operational evaluations. This special solution enables you to cover all requirements, such as internal performance accounting, allocations by any method, calculative recurring postings, working with budgeted costs and the evaluation of data by using user-defined analysis views.

Cost and Performance Accounting is a software solution which is state-of-the-art and highly scalable offering the special CKL effect:

  • multi-dimensional analyses (up to eight dimensions)
  • integrated performance accounting/determination
  • evaluation and allocation of performance units
  • automation of budgeted and actual cost rates
  • any number of extended allocation methods
  • multiple analysis options with further processing in Excel
  • multiple languages supported (German, English)

The “Role Centre” – the workplace of the controller and cost accountant

With the role-based user interface in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the controller’s workplace is organised and tailored to his specific role. Application areas and features which are commonly used for routine tasks and required for the controller’s daily work can be directly accessed while other features seldom used are kept in the background. This way, users are offered a transparent overview of the upcoming tasks enabling them to better prioritise and work in a more pleasant and productive manner.

Cost and Performance Accounting

The integrated planning module facilitates conventional cost accounting procedures – from actual and normal costs to flexible budget or marginal costing.

You can configure the value flow in multiple ways – both by specifying the main modules Cost Centre and Cost Unit Accounting and for all modules by using of clearing processes between cost centres and cost units. This way, you can automatically retrieve the data from your Financial Accounting or simply use and further process data from other systems, if required, via individual interfaces to your Cost and Performance Accounting.

By using cost accounting dimensions, you can consider additional hierarchies in your Cost Centre and Cost Unit Accounting to further structure your cost accounting. For example, you can use product groups, profit centres, and segments as evaluation hierarchies.

The CKL Cost and Performance Accounting solution is “Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD).“

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