Subscription & Recurring Billing

Automate your recurring bills

Tired of boring your valuable employees with the cumbersome details of operational accounting? You can use this time more productively. bill-to specializes in what the name stands for: creating bills, especially in the area of subscriptions and other forms of recurring bills.

There are a variety of billing methods available to you, which you can easily change and expand individually. Of course, the New Commerce Experience from Microsoft is also part of it. But bill-to can do a lot more. Whether you have to account for consumption, licenses or one-off items. Whether projects, sprints, software or magazine subscriptions. Whether water, electricity, telephone, storage space or CPU load. bill-to does the billing for you.

Don't let your time be stolen anymore. bill-to has time for you.

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Subscriptions and recurring bills
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One may be satisfied with manually writing orders and invoices if each transaction is individual. But in many lines of business, subscriptions and recurring bills are now the norm. This means that, in principle, the same bill has to be billed again and again at fixed billing intervals over the term of the subscription. With smaller or larger deviations in the amount of their components.

This is exactly what bill-to specializes in. The subscription is switched between the master data and the documents to be created from it. You can think of a subscription as a kind of template, a template. The subscription defines what is billed to a customer again and again and at what interval. With just a few simple steps, you can largely influence the appearance of the invoice that arises from the subscription. But we didn't want to go into the details just yet. Subscriptions are therefore something in between master data and transaction data.

bill-to highlights:

  • Flexible and easy-to-use management of your subscriptions and recurring bills
  • Different billing models, such as licenses and consumption, which can be combined in the same subscription
  • Simple and individual parameterization of your invoice texts
  • Including automated texts, also based on conditions such as public holidays or sales opportunities such as Black Friday
  • Overview and suggestions for action through concrete facts and figures and over 25 other KPIs
  • Parallel consideration of terms, billing periods and service periods
  • Trial periods, notice periods, grace periods and automatic renewals
  • Bundles, one-time items and internal comments in the subscription that are not visible to your customers
  • Subscription requests for parallel communication with your customers and distributors or licensors and to take your internal compliance rules into account
  • Automatic generation of recurring invoices including error tracking
  • Ad hoc usage analyzes that show you which customers purchase which services from you
  • Daily storage of all billing-relevant quantity changes with greatly simplified recording: manually, via book sheets, inquiries or directly via purchases

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