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CKL Add ons

Our Add ons for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central are more than just expansions

They contribute added value to financial accounting and controlling, combine seamlessly and significantly simplify your work. The core of the product portfolio is Cost Accounting. Furthermore, we offer other custom solutions of our own.

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CKL Add Ons

CKL Cost Accounting – your solution for processing accounting and production data for strategic company decisions and developing your company controlling. Contribution margin accounting, cost allocation and more...

More about CKL Cost Accounting

CKL Valuation – for the correct processing and reliable valuation of your current assets. Stock value determination according to flexible rules 100% inside Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Easy and quick, without Microsoft Excel.

More about CKL Valuation

CKL Costing Method – the custom software for problem-solvers – Comfortably change the costing method you have already selected, as often and as flexibly as you need to, even if movements already exist.

More about CKL Costing Method

CKL Inventory – reconcile financial accounting postings with your stock accounting. Deviations are a thing of the past. Find incorrect postings and carry out reconciliation on WIP accounts as well. Establish the nature-of-expense method in financial accounting and determine ‘goods afloat’ for the auditor at the touch of a button.

More about CKL Inventory

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18.10.2022 - CKL on Directions EMEA in Hamburg

From November 9th to 11th, 2022, Directions EMEA will take place this year at the CCH in Hamburg. You can expect many exciting lectures and exhibitors from all over the world of the Dynamics Community...

08.04.2022 - Our new apps are available now!

The following new CKL app versions are now available and compatible with the current Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central version (BC20)....

20.01.2022 - The CKL Online Help is ready!

The ckl365.de website now offers the option of viewing the functions of the individual apps via online help.


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