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financial accounting and controlling

About CKL

We combine up-to-date financial accounting knowledge with detailed expertise regarding the value flow in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

This results in solutions that are a worthwhile supplement to your ERP environment and ideally meet your financial accounting and controlling requirements. We guarantee versions that are always technically and functionally up-to-date, coordinated with the development cycles of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. A concept that pays for itself: Today, more than 2,600 medium-sized customers rely on CKL Software – the European leader in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central environment.


Our customers are comprised of more than 160 certified distribution partners worldwide: As a non-selling ISV, we only distribute our solution indirectly. CKL Software GmbH is a licensed Microsoft Silver Partner for ERP competence in the Microsoft Partner Network.

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Our philosophy

Consulting philosophy
CKL puts people first. It is always the people we work with who decide on efficiency or inefficiency, strength or weakness, fun or frustration and ultimately the success. Of course, the different roles in the company also generate different expectations or demands regarding the tool with which you work every day. CKL and its partners provide tools with their products with which it is possible to best meet the demands of the various roles in the company.

Specialised know-how
CKL Software has specialised in finance-oriented applications for trading, manufacturing and service SMEs. Our more than 20 years of specialist know-how is closely connected to knowledge of business processes and the constantly changing processes and technologies in the industries and markets we have specialised in.

Professional introduction methodology
Successful software implementation depends on an >> introduction method appropriate to the project. Our partners have relied on Microsoft’s tried-and-tested introduction methods for our software projects for many years.

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